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Update 2.012  
von I/JG27_Zimmi  am 01.09.2017

Dear pilots,
today is a real milestone for the project - we just released the 2.012 update, one of the biggest ones ever. We already told you in Dev Blogs what it will bring, but here's the quick overview.
1. New Hs 129 B-2 Collector Plane with many unique features and very varied weaponry.
2. Kuban map available in three seasons (Spring, Summer and Autumn). 120 thousands of square kilometers large (400 x 300 km), the biggest map in the new generation of IL-2 to date. Please note that the work on improving the AI is underway and it is not very proficient in mountain flying, we will work on it this Autumn. The map is huge, so we'll be fixing the issues that may be found in Early Access.
3. Updated FM for all aircraft. The total list of FM changes is very long, you can check it out below.
4. Together with the Kuban map, we're releasing many AI controlled ships: G-5, G-5 project 213 and S-38 torpedo boats, Type A landing barge, Type ? (Shch) series X and Type IIB submarines, Soviet Type 7 destroyer.
5. Completely new shadow tech that allowed us to increase the shadows resolution in the cockpit, render outside shadows several times further, show the own plane shadow on the ground and make tree shadows more realistic.
Here's the complete change list:

1. Henschel Hs 129 B-2 Collectors Plane is added to the project and all Battle of Kuban owners can fly it now;
2. All three seasons of the Kuban map (Spring, Summer and Autumn) are added to the project and any owner of the sim can fly over them in multiplayer while Battle of Kuban owners can access them in any game mode;
3. The new shadows technology CSM was added to the game;
4. The new shadow quality option in the game graphics settings governs the shadows resolution, their visibility distance and which objects can cast shadows;
5. Thanks to the new shadow tech CSM, shadows in the cockpit became sharper at high quality settings;
6. Thanks to the new shadow tech CSM, all the cockpit objects cast shadows instead of just the canopy elements;
7. Thanks to the new shadow tech CSM, the aircraft shadow on the ground is visible from inside the cockpit at high quality settings;
8. Thanks to the new shadow tech CSM, object shadows are visible at twice distance as before at high quality settings;
9. Thanks to the new shadow tech CSM, trees now cast correct shadows on all objects;
10. The aerodynamics modeling of the aircraft tail became more detailed, resulting in MANY improvements and changes (the full list is available here):

Spoiler Show 11. Armored glass improved visually on all aircraft;
12. The effect of the wind on the bullets and other projectiles flight trajectory was corrected;
13. Ju 87 D-3 official skins were updated by the community enthusiast I./ZG1_Panzerbar (more details added);
14. Bf 109 F-4 official skins were updated by the community enthusiast III/JG2_Gustav05 (more details added);
15. Fw 190 A-5 main (default) camo was updated by the community enthusiast I./ZG1_Panzerbar;
16. Morning and evening fog was improved visually;
17. 'Blazing Steppe' campaign is now officially available in Spanish language thanks to the community enthusiast E69_Cananas who made the translation;
18. The Russian localization of the 'Blazing Steppe' campaign was corrected thanks to the community enthusiast MicroShket who proofread the text;
19. The AI gunners accuracy of the secondary German bomber groups in the 'Blazing Steppe' campaign increased significantly;
20. Formation flying of the most aircraft in the 'Blazing Steppe' campaign improved significantly;
21. Difficulty level of the 7th and 14th 'Blazing Steppe' campaign missions decreased somewhat;
22. Subtitle displaying and Ju 88s dropping bombs was corrected in the 15th mission of the 'Blazing Steppe' campaign.
23. Soviet torpedo boat G-5. It's low weight of 17 tons and two aircraft engines allow it to go as fast as 100 km/h (55 knots). It is armed with two 12.7 mm DShK machine guns and two 53-38 torpedoes.
24. Soviet rocket boat G-5 project 213. On this model, torpedoes were replaced by MRLS that fired 24 M-8M 82 mm rockets.
25. German torpedo boat Schnellboot S-38. Weighing up to 100 tons and going up to 50 knots fast, it was armed with two 20 mm MGC 30 and Flak 30 guns and two torpedo tubes with up to six 533 mmm G7a torpedoes (one in each tube and four on the deck).
26. German landing barge Marinefährprahm Typ A (240 tons weight, armed with 88 mm SKC 35 gun and 20 mm MGC 30 gun.
27. Soviet submarine Shch-10 (type Shchuka, 'Shchuka' meaning pike). Surface displacement 578 tons, armed with two 45 mm 21-K guns, 4 bow and 2 stern torpedo tubes with 10 533 mm torpedoes.
28. Small German submarine U-Boot-Klasse IIB. Surface displacement 279 tons, armed with 20 mm MGC 30 gun, 3 torpedo tubes with 5 533 torpedoes total.
29. Soviet Type 7 destroyer (1600 tons, up to 38.5 knots speed). Armament: 4 130 mm B-13-I guns, 2 76 mm 34-K guns, 2 45 mm 21-? guns, 2 twin 12.7 mm Colt machine guns, 2 12.7 mm DShK machine guns, 2 triple 533 mm torpedo launchers 39-Yu.

Dev Update 151 - noch mehr Berge  
von I/JG27_Zimmi  am 11.03.2017

Dev. Update 151

"Hello everybody,
we have new results for you after another development week. Today Dev Diary won't have much text because, as a popular saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Mountain valleys and rivers technology is almost finished and the result it gives is on par with some pure tech demos out there. This is what happens when the technology (represented by our graphics programmer) and art (our mapping department) meet. Such harmony between different teams or individuals is something any development studio tries to achieve."


14 Jahre virtuelle I/JG27  
von I/JG27_Zimmi  am 27.02.2017

Am 23.02.2017 haben wir unser vierzehnjähriges Bestehen gefeiert. Eine unglaublich ereignisreiche Zeit mit vielen schönen Erlebnissen und Erinnerungen. Wir hoffen, dass weitere 14 Jahre mit IL-2 BoS hinzukommen.



von I/JG27_Zimmi  am 11.02.2017

Im neuesten Development-Update sind erstmalig Berge der geplanten Kuban Karte zu sehen.

Link: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?p=441481

"Hello everybody,

While engineer and artist teams work on Battle of Kuban aircraft, our dedicated map department is making the landscape of the new theater of war. As we mentioned earlier, we use Rise of Flight tech as a start, but we spent a lot of resources to make it up to the task. We improved the mountains rendering in the first place, since mountains and foothills occupy 22 thousands square km of the total 120 thousands square km and the mountain coast is 350 km long. Theoretically we could create this landscape using existing technologies, but it would take unrealistic amount of time and we didn't have so many resources to do it the old-fashioned way. Therefore, we spent some time creating the procedural texturing system for mountaneous terrain. Surely, the modern tech requires not only applying the textures, but also choosing correct materials to make the landscape as natural looking as possible, getting rid of unnaturaly straight lines and borders. Here are several screenshots of our first attempts at this tech, which show promising results:..."
"The main data source for this landscape is the height map. Its analysis and processing gives us the slope steepness data that can be used to determine the surface type at any given coordinates - is this a rocky slope, or a patch of soil covered with low grass, or a forested area. The orientation of a slope relative to cardinal directions and a bit of randomness are also taken into account. The snow line (above which snow covers the ground) is also determined using the height map data, but of course it is not a simple height slice - it depends on slope steepness, its orientation (which affects insolation), etc.
We almost finished creating special objects for sea ports. This task wasn't trivial either - their layout changed since 1943 very much and it took a full blown historical research to determine how they looked back then. Kuban towns will include the famous landmarks, they are already modeled as well.
Our map department is progressing according to schedule and soon we'll be able to show you the early screenshots of Battle of Kuban landscapes and towns that will be close to their final look."

Siebenjährige Mitgliedschaft  
von I/JG27_Zimmi  am 21.01.2017

Kaum zu glauben, aber I/JG27_Rollo feiert heute seine siebenjährige Geschwaderzugehörigkeit. Wir gratulieren herzlich und bedanken uns vor allem für die tatkräftige Unterstützung in den letzten Jahren. Mögen noch viele Geschwadertreffen kommen bei denen wir gemeinsam bei dem ein oder anderen Bierchen über Fliegerei philosophieren.


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